Ligne St. Barth Shower Gel

Blue Lagoon Shower Gel

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A shower gel that pays homage to water, the elixir of life: the sound of waves, the salty spray and the vastness of the horizon – the feeling of the Caribbean; so stimulating and liberating!

Cleansing agents of botanical origin gently cleanse the body and rich coconut oil nourishes the skin. Caribbean seawater refreshes the senses and provides an exotic breeze with musk in maritime concert. Also suitable as a bath foam and of course for dreaming.



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Ligne St Barth

24 square kilometres of tropical nature and white sandy beaches stretching all the way to the horizon – that’s Saint-Barthélemy, one of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean and home to Ligne St. Barth. The brand has embodied the French-Caribbean way of life and a laid back luxury since 1983. Inspired by the richness of exotic flora – its blossoms, fruits and the healing power of botanical essences – Ligne St. Barth develops indulgent oils and creams, gels and lotions. They are carefully tailored to the skin’s needs and to modern-day life. Handed-down knowledge and cutting-edge technologies elicit the very best from the natural ingredients; the fine consistencies and fragrances are a treat for both the body and the senses.