LAYTON Exclusif

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Whether perceived as a close embrace, an irresistible provocation or an essence of the night as intense as it is festive, Layton Exclusif is first and foremost a superb outburst of emotion.

So what is the well-concealed secret of this moody, intriguing remix?  The head notes offer generous, spirited, explosive bergamot, with rose and geranium vying to add elegance. In the base note, a hint of cardamom mingles with sandalwood and guaiac, emphasising all the nobility of wood. On the skin, the sudden turmoil is total thanks to the distinctive, evocative hint of caramelised coffee.
“The idea was to intensify the note by adding strength, a hint of the animal (civet and oud), whilst preserving all the character and signature of the original. The key ingredients in this creation are extremely powerful – and rare – wood notes, in particular guaiac from Paraguay, a patchouli of amazing quality from Indonesia, an oud from Laos and a sandalwood from Sri Lanka, to enhance the profile of the note,” explains perfumer Hamid Merati-Kashani.

Result: an apotheosis of scents, an uninhibitedly seductive statement that pulls no punches, an ardent, densely spicy woodiness perfectly at ease with itself.  Anyone wearing Layton Exclusif can be sure of making an impression of originality and elegance, as a man (or woman) of taste.
Above the dictates of fashion and typecasting, this composition for connoisseurs (a 20% concentration) is presented in a luxurious deep blue bottle with silver signature, sheathed in an elegant case.



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