Kajal Perfumes “Lamar”

Eau de Parfum for women

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LAMAR…beauty in a name, beauty in a bottle, beauty in a scent. A name with French origins Lumière, meaning light, LAMAR also known to be liquid gold: mesmerizing, fascinating and enticing. A scent created to reflect the beauty of a golden sun setting in the horizon with distant clouds reflecting the rich array of colours – hues of reds, yellows and golds that majestically portray the effect of the sun. LAMAR evokes also the scent of roses and jasmine that float in a Mediterranean breeze from a garden that overlooks the sea and the setting sun.

LAMAR…radiant beauty.



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Kajal Perfumes

Kajal Perfumes Paris is a fragrance house that was created out of the love of luxury perfumes and scents. The company is registered in Paris, France with marketing and product development offices located in Toronto, Canada. Sales and logistics offices are operated out of Dubai, UAE. The brand inspiration comes from the beauty world: kajal meaning kohl in the Indian culture - a natural product that protects and beautifies the eyes. Kajal also draws inspiration from the Arabic word khajal – modesty, humility and kindness in dealing with the people that surround us.