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“Darcy” – like an echo from centuries past, this name reverberates to the present day, from a time when the finest and noblest steeds were just beginning to be recorded in writing.

As regal and elegant as its namesake was, so noble is the creation dedicated to him. The best and noblest was generously taken from the world of citrus, flowers and delicacies and used for “Darcy”. Accordingly, the perfume starts bright, citrusy and fresh with tart bergamot and juicy orange notes to indulge in a veritable sea of flowers in the heart note. Presented this fruity-floral spectacle on an elegant base of precious woods that combine with patchouli and meet delicious sweet notes, again gently bedded on soft white musk.

“Darcy” by Parfums de Marly represents an intimate reverence for the finest horses and equally for the noble discipline of equestrianism. A sparkling, elegant and shapely creation for women, worthily encased in an all-gold bottle.

Citrus notes, bergamot, orange
Floral notes, rose, jasmine
Woods, patchouli, gourmand notes, white musk.



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Parfums de Marly

The haute perfumery fragrance house Parfums de Marly, founded by Julien Sprecher, revives the splendor of the lifestyle at the Chateau de Marly, a place that was dedicated to pleasure and celebration. Parfums de Marly creates an all-encompassing experience that reflects the surprising fusion of classic and modern. Each fragrance bears its own olfactory signature, derived from the variety of noble raw materials, developed and reinterpreted to create a unique experience. Lavish extravagance filtered through modern imagination.