Santa Maria Novella – The gently concentrated power
of select aromas and essences

The perfumes, creams, balms and essences found in the Santa Maria Novella range have captured the flowery fragrances and nourishing ingredients of many precious blossoms and plants. Even today the perfumers at this exclusive manufactory still stick to the ancient, top-secret formulas. There is no finer, gentler and more sophisticated way to pamper your skin and indulge your individual sense of beauty.

Our Treatments with Santa Maria Novella
Hydra Intense Facial - Facial Treatments

This treatment provides the deep, nurturing and moisturizing facial care required for the regeneration of dry, mature or sun-damaged skin. First, a special fruit enzyme peeling removes old skin cells. Then a mixture including the natural effective substances of honey, olive oil and bee pollen moisturizes your skin to make it smoother. Look forward to a smooth and revitalized feeling to your skin.

1.15 h - 150 €
Anti-Aging Facial - Facial Treatments

This facial treatment is characterized by intense revitalizing effects, in particular for mature skin. Your skin will be provided with moisturizing, deep-acting effective substances for a radiant and even complexion: supple, fresh and balanced. This positive effect is achieved by crema F, a
combination of natural wheatgerm, avocado oil and shea butter ingredients.

1.30 h - 180 €
Iris Sensation - Massage & Body Treatments

Enjoy the pleasant whole-body treatment with exclusive flower water and ireos powder, the
unique natural iris plant extract. An arnica body pack followed by a regenerating massage with
herbal oils and ireos root extract scent completes this treatment.

2.15 h - 330 €
Relaxing Treatment with organic Lavender - Massage & Body Treatments

This body treatment uses heated herbal pouches filled with biological lavender blossoms from Tuscany for the herb’s balancing and relaxing effect. Special massage techniques are applied to achieve a unique harmony of body and soul.

50 min - 150 €
1.15 h - 180 €
Swedish Massage - Massage & Body Treatments

This traditional massage is just perfect for cramped muscles and your circulation. It uses long movements to relax your whole organism.

50 min - 130 €
1.15 h - 160 €
Drops of Light – Candle Massage - Massage & Body Treatments

Savour the warmth, tingling on your skin, eliminating stress and giving your body renewed
energy. A feeling of total relaxation is enhanced by the gentle dripping of the oil from the massage candle onto your skin. In a perfect and unique atmosphere the harmony of the massage, the pleasant feeling of warmth and the sweet aroma of the candle make for an unforgettable experience. Please make an appointment at least one hour in advance.

50 min - 150 €
1.15 h - 180 €