Cellex-C –
For younger looking skin no matter what age you are

There is a good reason indeed why the Swiss skincare company, Cellex-C, is known today all over the world. It was Cellex-C that developed the concentrated vitamin-C-based formulas that promote an aesthetic rejuvenation of the skin no matter what your age is. The experts at Cellex-C were the first back then - and today they are still verifiably the best. Their patented products were instrumental in getting the whole Vitamin-C revolution off the ground. At Amour Fou you will have the opportunity to try out this efficient concept on your own skin.

Our Treatments with Cellex-C
Cellex-C Antioxidant Facial – Luxury Anti-Aging Treatment - Facial Treatments

You will hardly believe your eyes! After only a single Cellex-C anti-aging treatment, your skin will
look years younger and your complexion will be fascinatingly radiant and even. Your skin will be
gently exfoliated with mild hydroxy acids and then revitalized with a powerful cocktail of concentrated vitamin C and hyaluronic acids. Make use of the Hollywood stars’ beauty secret and
make an appointment for your treatment right away. Make no mistake: even a single application
of Cellex-C Antioxidant Facial can be addictive. A risk worth taking in any case!

1.30 h - 185 €