Haute Parfumerie in visionary perfection

New ideas and creations stem from the minds of visionary people. There is no better example for this than Nicole Mather, founder & CEO of House of Sillage. Born in Romania, her and her family immigrated to the United States at a young age to escape the hardships of a communist dictatorship to live in a free society where ambition is rewarded and dreams can come true. She went on to work for illustrious fortune 500 companies Smith Barney, UBS, and Goldman Sachs and soon realized that even the best of the best in business was not enough for her.


This is why she founded the Haute Parfumerie, House of Sillage. With a reverent respect for the art and traditions of perfume making, Nicole Mather sought to elevate the industry by revitalizing the opulence of true luxury. Amour Fou is proud to introduce you to the unconventional and much sought-after creations of this international fragrance genius. House of Sillage is globally known for containing the rarest and most unusual ingredients in the world. You will become addicted to the flacons they are bottled in. New, sensational scents that are reminiscent of luxury, innovation, and grandeur.