Luxurious Beauty for Every Occasion

Amour Fou will fascinate anyone who loves beauty and luxury. If you take pleasure in exclusive beauty and wellness treatments, you will love Amour Fou. Choose spontaneity above reason for a change. Live for the moment, even if it seems a little insane. All of that is incorporated in Amour Fou. We offer the finest of cosmetics, exquisite perfumes, the latest beauty products and perfect beauty treatments and the ultimate in hair-styling expertise. We are known for the excellent quality of our work and the personal care and attention. Ulla Huprich and her team lavish on their clients.

Why don’t you drop by and get to know us. Let yourself fall in love with us. You’ll find us at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental in the heart of Munich. Discover and experience some of our highlights, along with products that combine the extraordinary with the exclusive. You will be fascinated by the luxurious charm of Amour Fou and your senses will be captivated. We would like to extend a warm welcome both to you and the guests of the hotel – our generously appointed salon and our urban ambience will be waiting for you.